Month: June 2021

the owner of the haunted house before. I am very curious and competitive. I guess I have visited your haunted house before and ended up being rectified by you. I am very unwilling to continue to challenge, and then we both cherish each other. Become friends when you come and go?” Zuo Han knew his personality well, and he casually said: “The various behaviors of the hospital actually reveal very important information. At least the two of us can completely trust each other.” Chen Ge sat on the bed. , Carefully felt the physical changes: “There should be our friends among the patients in the hospital, such as Zhang Jingjiu, there is more than one patient like him.” “Why did this happen?” Zuo Han thought about it. : “When we went to find Zhang Jingjiu, he didn’t respond to my voice, but he responded to your voice. We have no contact with each other. We are all related to you.” “That’s right.” I also have this feeling. The center of all causality is me.” Chen Ge looked at the metal fork on the dinner plate: “You all seem to be medicines prepared by the hospital for me.” The veil of the hospital is being covered by Chen Gehe. Zuo Han opened the hospital, which on the surface brought hope and cure to the patients. The true appearance may shock every patient. After an hour passed, black particles began to appear on Chen Ge’s skin. It may be because the dose of the drug was too small, those black particles could not be connected into thin lines in Chen Ge’s body. As the black particles appeared, Chen Ge’s eyes became flushed, his chest undulated, and blood vessels on his arms bulged. “Are you okay?” Zuo Han was standing at the door of the room, clutching the doorknob, ready to run out at any time. “Those black particles seem to contain negative emotions and a certain power. They want to dominate my body. There seems to be another power in my body. Suppress the black particles to prevent them from having an effect, the suppressing force seems to be coming from the heart. “Chen Ge felt the changes in his

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