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limit. I don’t know how much pain it takes for an obsession before life to become like her. I can’t think of it, and I can’t do it now.” Painter Hands hanging down: “She has injuries on her body and her condition is very unstable. It is not the same as the rumors I heard in the Scarlet City. She still seems to be unable to control herself.” His

eyes swept towards Chen Ge, who was sitting down on the ground in the distance. The painter’s expression became more complicated: “That man has my […]

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Ren Xiaosu said with a smile: “End the Wizard Kingdom as soon as possible. All I can do is help you clear the obstacles. As for whether you can handle the rest, it’s up to you, or when I am free, I will Come to the Wizarding Country again. After all, it is the Northwest Branch of Daxing. I will

take care of it .” Xiaoxia asked again: “You didn’t think this way before. What made you change your mind suddenly so radical.” “Part of […]

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