e door backwards, and saw the face of the other party with a drunken blush, and then she lifted the hem of Ren Xiaosu’s shirt with interest, and gently touched Ren Xiaosu’s abdominal muscles. : “Oh, don’t you see it, it’s quite predictable.”

Although Ren Xiaosu looked thin in his clothes, at that time because his strength and agility had reached a balance, his body was restrained, and he didn’t look very strong on the surface. .
So as soon as the hem of this jacket is lifted up, you can see his strong muscles, and it is very beautiful, like a sculpture.
It’s just that Ren Xiaosu suddenly felt that she had a feeling of being molested. The
female star Li Ran said that she was going to push Ren Xiaosu into the house: “If you dare to give me the room number, why are you so shy.”
Ren Xiaosu said with a black face: “Did you not tell Yang Xiaojin what I am here? Are you a thug
? ” “Yang Xiaojin? Is it your 南京夜生活论坛 girlfriend?” Li Ran said with a fascinating smile: “I pay you all that. If you have a lot of money, stay with me, and I can add more money, you know, the money I lost tonight will allow you to eat and drink for a lifetime.”
As a result, seeing Li Ran start to undress him, Ren Xiaosu was absolutely decisive. Knocked the opponent out.
God gave the room number, how could he do such a stupid thing? ! He looked out the window and found that no one was aiming at him with a sniper rifle. It seemed that this was not Yang Xiaojin’s prank.
You know, that girl is very fond of pranks.
But now that there is no sniper outside the window, Ren Xiaosu is basically certain that this Li Ran is definitely not a thug!
Zhou Yingxue’s laughter came from outside the door, and Ren Xiaosu opened the door angrily: “Help her to your house, don’t be an eyesore here.”
Zhou Yingxue cleverly
said, “Good lord.” As a result, 南京419论坛 he just finished speaking. She laughed again: “Master is so dangerous, you almost lost your body.”
“Get out!”
“Good!” The
next morning, Li Ran’s assistant Fang Zhi brough