limit. I don’t know how much pain it takes for an obsession before life to become like her. I can’t think of it, and I can’t do it now.” Painter Hands hanging down: “She has injuries on her body and her condition is very unstable. It is not the same as the rumors I heard in the Scarlet City. She still seems to be unable to control herself.” His

eyes swept towards Chen Ge, who was sitting down on the ground in the distance. The painter’s expression became more complicated: “That man has my breath in him. Since he entered the ghost school, I have countless ways 南京炮网 to kill him in advance, but every time I want to do it, there is always a voice in my heart obstructing him. It seems that I will regret killing him. The obsession in life is the heart after death. My heart hasn’t beaten for a long time. Maybe he has a good relationship with the me outside the door.”
“You outside the door? That is to say, he started plotting the ghost school a long time ago. He found you outside the door first. After getting closer, he could use this point. After entering the ghost school, he would complete his plan step by step! It’s sinister. If you can kill him sooner, the female ghost probably won’t show up.” The blindfolded man hated Chen Ge, and his left eye was blind because of Chen Ge.
“Maybe it’s just a beautiful accident. I am a lock outside the door. If he approaches with a purpose, he will only hit the 南京龙凤网 wall.” The painter shook his head and covered his chest with his hands hanging down: “In the deepest despair. , I can always meet the most beautiful accidents, I will not kill him, but he will not live long. The woman hiding in his shadow can’t control herself. The existence above the red dress symbolizes extreme resentment and evil, A little bit of breath can make him lose himself.”
“You don’t mean to save him?” The blindfolded man has followed the painter for the longest time, and he knows painters well.
“We should leave.” The painter did not answer the blindfolded man’s question, he walked straight to