t he seemed to hate me since he was a child.”

Secretary Zhou was silent, who I didn’t expect that Qingzhen would still have such a leisurely feeling when his death was approaching.
“But there is a secret 南京龙凤网 whistle there now, don’t let it pass,” Qingzhen smiled.
Suddenly blood was floating in the sky, and Qing Zhen’s white feet stepped on the thin snow, leaving a row of footprints on the mountain road.
In the beginning, the snow was white, and the footprints were black, and when one stepped down, it revealed the ground below.
Secretary Zhou shouted in the wind and snow behind him: “Have you thought about it!”
The snow gradually thickened, and Qing Chen turned a deaf ear.
As I walked, red footprints were left on the snow on the mountain road.
Walking up step by step, it seemed that he would never see the end, but Ke Qingzhen’s body was still straight.
The soldiers at the outpost on the road turned sideways and looked out of the mountain when Qingzhen passed by.
As he walked, Qing Zhen’s feet were numb, and he couldn’t remember how far 南京炮网 he had walked.
Every step is like thinking.
Secretary Zhou suddenly asked: “Why did you withdraw your troops to pit the Yang family last night?”
“Ao, you said this,” Qing Zhen smiled.
“At that time, Qingyi hadn’t taken over the military power, and you also knew that Luo Lan was still in the Yang family,” Secretary Zhou frowned and said, “Now the Yang family must have arrested Luo Lan. Nowadays, many people have been recalled by you. After the 111 barrier, I’m afraid I’ll think it’s an order from
Qingyi .” Qingzhen smiled and said, “Because I know you are going to catch me.”
“What do you mean?”
” My father had to give Luo before leaving. Lan called to his side and told him to protect me, but you also know him,” Qing Zhenle said: “I can eat and sleep. I can’t be reckless. I don’t need him to protect it. I will protect him. ”
So you asked Yang to catch him?” Secretary Zhou frowned. He actually didn’t know the logic in this, and he had t