ad conspired to escape late at night. The most unexpected thing was that he succeeded.”

“Although he was caught back the next day, he used his time outside for one night. Contacted his ex-wife. I don’t know what they said. Less than a month later, his ex-wife completed all the formalities and took him out.”
From Xu Tong’s mouth, Chen Ge told Wang Haiming. With a deeper understanding: “How did you know these things?”
“After he was arrested, his freedom was restricted. The hospital decided to put him in the third ward of the vacant third ward. But he was only there. After staying in the room for one night, he almost died. The hospital had no choice but 南京龙凤网 to let him live with me temporarily.” Xu Tong’s distorted face has slowly recovered.
“Then do you know what happened to him the night he stayed in room three?”
“It seems that I saw a lot of people, and there were many, many people in the room.”
“He told you all these things?” Chen Ge didn’t expect things to be so complicated. Wang Haiming actually lived in Room 3 of the third ward.
“How could I talk to a fool?” Xu Tong dismissed: “That madman is talking to himself every night, I just listened to a part of it.”
Chen Ge nodded, wanting to go deeper. To figure out all this, I am afraid that only if you enter the third ward in person.
“The second question is, why did you patients in the third ward come back here after the hospital was closed?”
“Of course, there are different reasons for coming back here. I don’t know others, I only know my own situation. “Xu Tong looked at Chen Ge: “Only here, I can avoid the surveillance of you people, and only here, you will not disturb me.”
“You should take medicine.” Chen Ge stood up, Xu Tong may be true Did not lie.
The old man 南京品茶网 and the woman shuddered when they mentioned the one-armed man, but when they saw Xu Tong they did not show too strong emotions. The old man even dared to bite his hand. From this it can also be seen that Xu Tong has a deformed face. Unlike the one-armed man, he has neve