Su Yu is actually also curious, this thing is similar to divine writing, can it have blood?
It’s hard to say!
Of course, he is even more curious whether he has been killed by a hair ball, the kind in his dream.
I haven’t killed it before, and it’s useless to get the blood.
At this moment, Su Yu was still thinking 南京炮网 that his current physical body should not have any difficulty in swallowing the blood of the Sky Realm, but what about Ling Yun?
Can Lingyun Realm burst oneself?
A drop probably won’t burst!
Many people have long forgotten how he defeated Chen Qi that day.
Swallowing the essence and blood, the initial purpose was not to learn any technique, but for the combat skills, the instant explosive power, when he went out before, Su Yu always liked to contain a drop of ten thousand stone essence and blood.
Looking at Mao Qiu, thinking about this, Su Yu grabbed Xiao Mao Qiu and looked at Su Yu again.
This guy, the top 100 race!
Take off Kunou!
The explosive power is still possible, and the explosive power of the warrior’s Tao is not weak. It can fight against Lingyun’s existence, vacate the nine layers of essence and blood, and swallow a 南京桑拿论坛 drop by yourself, right?
If you don’t kill Sushou, take some essence and blood, just take it on the road.
Others think that they are the limit now, that is because they think too much.
Not using it before doesn’t mean he can’t use it.
A drop of blood, at least two or three minutes of fighting power can 南京419论坛 be maintained.
Su Yu also stared at Su Yu with wide-eyed eyes. Suddenly, she said unnaturally: “My lord, I am a mount, I have face! Especially I have face!”
That look made him scared.
It seems to be looking at artwork!
Look at it like that when you die!
Su Yu laughed, nodded, and said nothing, let Xia Huyou buy a little for himself, this time I have to bring a little more blood on the road, it is best to bring some of all kinds of blood.
It is not only to open any albums, but more importantly, to save lives and for