ue of the Red Frog clan gave him a deep look, and said in a low voice, “Su Yu, do you really have Ye Batian divine writing?”

“You Do not believe?”
The red frog didn’t say anything, didn’t believe it, but didn’t dare not believe it.
He also hesitated now!
Also embarrassed!
He didn’t want to give up when he got the chance.
A chance to become the overlord of one party!
However, Su Yu was impatient and cursed secretly. He won’t see you come out when he killed the Dark Demon. It’s all right now. It’s peach picking!
Secretly, there are still some strong people lurking at this moment.
Su Yu’s induction jade showed that he did not see the sun and the moon, but how many mountains and seas are lurking, and the mountains and seas dare to snatch them?
Of course, the mountains and seas of the strong are not weak.
However, even if the mountains and seas of the gods and demons are strong clan, unless they are top geniuses, 南京桑拿论坛 otherwise, they can’t defeat the sun and the moon.
In Su Yu’s 144 Aperture Point, the sword energy gradually condensed.
Yang Qiao, slowly opened.
In his mouth, there was a drop of Poshan Niu’s essence and blood, and the magic word of strength, and he began to bless himself, the magic word of warfare began to become a long knife, the word shaking of the word began to prepare, and the gods also opened
Su Yu at this moment. There is a weak sense of crisis.
He looked at the sun and moon of the red frog clan again, and said coldly: “Senior, get out! You are a resident of the ancient city, and you are in the same group with me. There are probably not many sun and moon residents in the city, but I will prepare for you. The position of the general of the guard army, seniors don’t want to find their own death!” The
red frogs, Sunyue’s complexion slightly changed, a little hesitated, “Su Yu, you can’t hold the ancient city unless you hide in the city lord’s mansion all your life. Sooner or later, Su Yu will die. If you can fulfill 南京炮网 me, I will ”
In the next mo