“Don’t be afraid, everything is still under your control.” 南京419论坛 Chen Ge touched the white cat’s head. The grumpy white cat rarely resisted. A pair of heterochromatic cat pupils stared into the darkness in the distance.
Going downstairs in the dark, there seemed to be more steps, and it took Chen Ge a minute or two to move to the third floor.
The windows were sealed, and the third floor was darker than the fourth floor, and one could only vaguely see the bulging bedding in the corridor.
“The deformed face entered the third ward as if it had disappeared. There was not even a shoe print on the ground. Where would he hide now? In a certain room? Or would he hide under the bedding, ready to attack at any time?”
There is also a nurse’s station on the corner of the third floor. What is strange is that all the medicines and records in the counter are neatly arranged. What makes Chen Ge feel strange 南京桑拿会所 is that there is no trace of dust in the counters, as if it has been all the time. The same in normal use.
Turning into the nurse’s station, Chen Ge found that there were a lot of well-prepared pills on the counter. The pills of different colors were packed in small white paper bags with the names of patients written on them.
“Li 南京桑拿论坛 Chunyan? Zhang Qisi? Are these two names not the names posted on the back of the dummy on the fourth floor? Does someone dispense medicines for the dummy every night?” Chen Ge had a somewhat absurd idea in his heart. As if a child was playing a game, he made dummies to act as patients, and pretended to be a doctor to prescribe medicines for them.
“Playing such a game in the third ward in the middle of the night?” Chen Ge looked at the names on the counter, always feeling that he had overlooked something.
Chapter 166 Isn’t She Dead?
Chen Ge carefully looked at the paper bag on the counter, his face became more solemn, he rubbed the name on the rubbing paper bag with his hand, and finally found the problem.
The handwriting on a few paper bags is not completely dry. The