of ways to make yourself stronger, don’t seize opportunities by yourself, do you expect others to give you alms and have mercy on you?”

Hu Zongqi looked at While holding him for a while, he smiled and said, “Suddenly I think you are not so honest!”
Su Yu smiled and said, “I don’t intend to harm others. As a human being, I have to leave some leeway for myself so as not to be seen through. That’s not a point. Are all gone?”
Hu Zongqi nodded and looked at him, “Is there anyone else besides me?”
” Yes , but I won’t tell you now!”
Su Yu seriously said, “Our circle, just In the small circle, I just come to communicate at the moment. When everyone is strong and feels the help that each other’s existence brings to everyone, then we will truly understand each other and know each other’s existence! Otherwise, it is meaningless!”
Hu Zongqi nodded .
“Su Yu, there are quite a few such circles within the academy. But in the end, everyone lost contact with each other gradually, and the circle ceased to 南京桑拿论坛 exist. The mutual aid association you mentioned will eventually exist, I can’t say now.”
Su Yu nodded and smiled: “Understood! So I will try to maintain, so that everyone feels the benefits, benefits, and confidence! For example, I will try next to let everyone use the text of the will that they have used. Exchanging reading, of course, will certainly not make anyone suffer!”
Su Yu said earnestly: “For example, you can read the text of your will, written in the air, and you can read it three times. Then what you take out and what you get will definitely match! I will not disclose, who sees your will Wen, who
owns the article of will you got, keep it secret to the greatest degree!” Hu Zongqi nodded and whispered: “This kind of group actually exists in colleges, but many times, they are dissolved. “Squeezing members”
Su Yu laughed 南京夜生活论坛 and said: “Then try it out! I will find someone to be responsible for some evaluation work, the value will be clear and clear! Some information you provide, ho