e Liu family was gone.

“Then Liucheng is gone?”
“It’s still there, but there are not many people left. The Liu family’s direct line is almost dead, and there are still a few branch Liu family 南京419论坛 members. Of course, it was controlled 南京桑拿会所 by the sun and the moon in the past. Now hey, Ling Yun is respected, Liucheng’s The location is not good. The Liu family wants to guard the gate of the human realm. Liucheng and the Pioneer Camp are on the same line. The danger is extremely dangerous. People are dead every year, and now they are depressed.”
The gate of the guardian realm.
This was the choice made by the old man of the Liu family. For the sake of whitewashing or for other reasons, the Liu family chose that way, and because of this, it was too close to the front line. In the end, the family was ruined.
Liucheng is ruined!
Su Yu thought for a while and said: “I heard Liu Yan is not in the Pioneer Camp of the Battlefield of the Liu Family? He is the direct line of the Liu Family? Do you know him?”
“Of course!”
The old man also came to talk about sex. The main reason was that the vitality liquid had the effect. When I met a rich man, it’s okay to talk. The old man quickly said: “Who doesn’t know Liu Yan, when Ye Batian fought the heavens, he went to Liucheng and said when he saw Liu Yan, This is his apprentice! Tsk tsk, when he 南京夜生活论坛 was apprentice, it was called a scenery, who is Ye Batian? The sun and the moon dare to call the invincible to kneel down! Rampant and domineering!”
“The Liu family had a big banquet back then, three days and three nights. The banquets are constant, the heavenly materials and the treasures are used as meals, and all the human races on the battlefield of the heavens can go to congratulate. That is officially whitewashed, and Ye Batian has accepted disciples. What about it?”
“It’s a pity, the good times are not long, Ye Ba Because of the death of Tianzhan, the Liu family suffered bad luck. They were often attacked and attacked several times. The Sun and Moon were all kil