he worst. Zhu Long has carved another Zhu character behind the dissection table. This character is likely to be Alarm the people behind the school!”

Chen Ge is very cautious, no matter whether things are exposed or not, he will consider from the worst direction.
“Everything is normal on the west campus. That’s because there are’things’ that maintain the order of the school and transport all negative emotions to the east campus. If those managers see the extra’zhu’ 南京夜生活论坛 behind the dissection table, they will definitely be aware Some students have a problem.”
Quicken his pace, Chen Ge will not bet that his opponent is an idiot. All he can do now is to leave the scene quickly.
“Teacher, let’s quickly send him to the infirmary. He seems to be very sick. This kid must have concealed his true situation before joining the club. He may have a history of mental illness!” Zhou Tu didn’t think for a moment. He was with these strange club members. After he was going to send Zhou Tu to the infirmary, he went to the counselor to see if he could withdraw from the club. If it didn’t work, the two credits would be unnecessary. After all, they are still small compared to the credits. Life is important.
“Do you think he has a mental problem?” Chen Ge was running for his life, and Chen Ge had no time to pretend to 南京桑拿论坛 be a kind teacher.
Turning his head slightly, Chen Ge glanced at Zhou Tu. There was a smile on his face, but Zhou Tu felt a deep chill when he saw his smile. The teacher Bai in front of him seemed to be a dual personality, sometimes very warm, sometimes It makes people afraid to approach.
“No, no, I’m just guessing that a big living person suddenly called for murder or something. This is too abnormal.” Zhou Tuchao moved a step beside Wang Yicheng.
“Zhou Tu, in any respect, you are not qualified to call him. In my opinion, you are the one with the deepest illness in our society.” Chen Ge paused a bit after speaking, and kept smiling. “Of course. Except me.”
“What are you talking nonsense?” Zhou T