, or eating, as if thinking quietly about something, but no one can confirm this. To be honest, most people do. Don’t care.

They only knew that this time the P5092 was a better one, and it almost had eaten the two thousand feint troops of the Barbarian for nothing, and then obtained extremely important information.
Ren Xiaosu and the others did not rush to the front line on the same day. Instead, they 南京水磨会所 had to wait for the materials at the front line base to be loaded and go north with them.
Loading supplies is very time consuming. The supply of supplies for the more than 100,000 army is far more than expected. There are thousands of people responsible for transporting these supplies, and there are countless vehicles mobilized during the period.
Only when the war begins will everyone feel that all resources are not enough.
On the night when everyone from Qinghe Group arrived at the forward base, the students from Qinghe University also set up a temporary stage in the base. They even brought speakers and other things to give the soldiers on the frontline a literary performance. .
Think about it, these college students can’t go to the battlefield, and that’s what they can do.
It’s also interesting to say that there are cultural groups in various other consortiums, but Tinder doesn’t have such a civilian class at all.
We must know that the role of the art troupe is not only to entertain the soldiers. The programs and dramas performed 南京桑拿会所 by the art troupe, including the songs they sing, are all very political.
Those performances are all about the story of the heroes who are not afraid of the death. Those songs are all melody praising heroes. The role of the art troupe is to mobilize before the war and one of the necessary ways to raise political consciousness.
But Tinder doesn’t care at all. Their political and ideological training has been completed as early as when they enlisted in the army, and then they became a deep-rooted subconscious.
This makes Tinder’s soldiers even more cold, an